Background Check Ology

back●groundground /’bækgraʊnd/ n, (1854) :
1: the experience a person has had up until a certain point in time
2: the total of a person’s experience, knowledge, and education

check /’tʃek/ n, (1959) :
1: verifying the accuracy, to look at, investigate
2: means of detecting or exposing or preventing error; hence, examine in order to detect the presence of something 

ology /ɒlədʒɪ/ n, plural -es (1964) :
1: a branch of knowledge : SCIENCE

back●ground●check●ology / ‘bækgraʊnd’tʃekɒlədʒɪ / n, (2018) :
1: the merging of technologies
2: a service comprised of many technologies providing significant benefits to those it serves <provide ~ to them>; < ~ improvement>


The fastest processing and turn around times available in the industry!


All records found are verified at the source to ensure maximum possible accuracy and compliance. All background checks come with Criminal Confirmation!


Our smart technology allows you to communicate with your applicant by text. No longer do you have to wait on emails that are not opened, placed in junk folders or sent to Spam. Just text the applicant and let them do the work.


Our Background Checkology platform makes starting or originating a background check super simple.


Bank-grade data encryption built utilizing one of the strongest infrastructures and one of the highest safety standards in the industry today.


Our product offerings are spectacular! Check all alias names in one of the largest and comprehensive national databases available, entrust our court runners to pull county records in record time or check all 94 national Federal Courts in the US. We’ve got you covered!

We are committed to providing the FASTEST, most DYNAMIC and LEGALLY compliant background checks in the industry.

Utilize our proven methods and procedures with our new technologies to gain immediate time and cost savings.

Discover how you can capatilize on Background Checkology – complete Get Started below and see for yourself!

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