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The Tech

Engage your applicants throughout the background check process with only a smartphone. Use your phone to send applicants an invite text message. Applicants then use their phone to access our Applicant Access and enter their information, sign legal forms and complete the check. Applicants can returnt to Applicant Access anytime to view their check or contact us directly with questions.

The Brains

All screenings pass thru our powerful, multi-jurisdictional proprietary databases compiled from multiple sources updated daily to ensure the best possible results. Then our large research staff ensures all checks are FCRA compliant and our Nationwide Network of Court Runners make sure any records found are verified with CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION.

The Results

Clear National Alias, Sex Offender and Social Security search results and many driving records are typically completed in minutes. Fast results mean early access to a secure report for you and your applicant. Upload additional company legal forms to your applicants profile to house all sensitive information in one location. Access all records and reports anytime, anywhere, with any device.

HVAC Package

Packages starting as low as

National Criminal Database Check
National Sex Offender Registry Check
Global Watch List Check
Domestic Watch List Check
Social Security Validation Check
Legal Name Check
All Alias Names Check
Motor Vehicle Records Check

MVR check and Criminal Confirmation included.

Excludes applicable fees.

Our Mission & Values

Helping protect those that help others. Finding the right people has always been important to the success of any company. Let us help you find your next diamond in a rough. If you succeed, then we succeed.

'From a little spark may burst a flame.'

– Dante Alighieri


Our team of public record researchers, county court runners and state of the art technology deliver the highest-quality court data in the industry.

Fair Prices

Any discounts we get from our suppliers we pass on to our customers.

We save – You Save – We All Win.

Fast & Responsive

Our technology allows you to connect to applicants by cell phone and if no records exist most results returned the same day.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Like you, we pride ourselves in providing a great service. Set up a free account today and see for yourself, you’ll be amazed.

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Discover how our technology can help your company grow. Whether you only do a few background checks or have a substantial amount to process you will be amazed at the ease of use and comprehensive services we provide – call us today.

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