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Our focus will always be to provide accurate results faster and less expensive than our competitors. Our U.S. based team excels at working with different industries to create unique customized screening programs. As we continue to grow our brands we look forward to developing new partnerships.

We’ll work with you, grow with you and save with you.

Our Identity

Who We Are

back●groundground /’bækgraʊnd/ n, (1854) :
1: the experience a person has had up until a certain point in time
2: the total of a person’s experience, knowledge, and education

check /’tʃek/ n, (1959) :
1: verifying the accuracy, to look at, investigate
2: means of detecting or exposing or preventing error; hence, examine in order to detect the presence of something 

ology /ɒlədʒɪ/ n, plural -es (1964) :
1: a branch of knowledge : SCIENCE

back●ground●check●ology / ‘bækgraʊnd’tʃekɒlədʒɪ / n, (2018) :
1: the merging of technologies
2: a service comprised of many technologies providing significant benefits to those it serves <provide ~ to them>; < ~ improvement>

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