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State Sex Offender Registries and Incarceration Records


Why is Criminal Confirmation Essential for National AKA Multi-Jurisdictional Database Checks?


We have access to nearly one thousand databases with nearly one billion records. If you look at either the State Sex Offender Registries or Incarceration Records listed below these are just two database searches we can query when conducting a National Database Search.

Just because a record is found in a database, like one of the two below, it does not mean it should be used or reported in a consumer report. Any record found in a database is a 3rd party collection of information comprised of data from an original source that has been based or housed as a record that a crime occurred. Additionally, it provides databases of people that have committed some type of offense which caused them to become part of an excluded parties list such as a: national, international or medical excluded parties excluded list to name just a few.

Both databases listed below are just that – databases. They are like a warehouse of records that are compiled from different sources, usually counties providing a report about those subjects that either have committed a sexual offense or are or have been incarcerated at some point. But be aware, any crimes reported in these registries or lists did not occur in the Sex Offender Registry or Incarceration Records. They are not the original source of the conviction or the record of orgin nor are they able to be confirmed by a full set of indicators like full or partial social security number – just names and either partial or full date of births.

If you were to query an applicant yourself with either of these two databases and include and use this as adverse information, potentially limiting an applicant from getting a position, or if you use a consumer reporting agency that just queries databases reporting adverse information and passes that information on to their clients INSTANTLY without confirming the validity of that information, there are no guarantees the information is still accurate and up to date at the time the report is created or even legally usable.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has clear guidelines outlined both for furnishers of information and those requesting and using that information for hiring decision purposes. The FCRA clearly states in section 607 (b) titled Compliance Procedures  Accuracy of Report that, Whenever a consumer reporting agency prepares a consumer report it shall follow reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy of the information concerning the individual about whom the report relates.

To provide a consumer report that helps provide maximum possible accuracy, it is our interpretation that not just one name should be searched at the database level, such as the legal name supplied, but ALL known names or alias names associated with the applicant. Additionally, there is no way to guarantee that a criminal record found from a 3rd party database, regardless of its reputation, is still 100% valid, accurate or even reportable or meets the requirements to be reportable based on city, county, state or Federal laws. That is why criminal database records found like those below are verified and only those confirmed as accurate criminal records from the source of the criminal conviction are reported. Each is vetted and verified by our proprietary Criminal Confirmation researchers and investigators to provide you one of the most accurate and verified reports at the time completed.

What’s in a Name?

Believe it or not the name that you select to have your background check company check is way more important than what you may think. When searching for criminal records either utilizing databases that contain 3rd party information (verified by Criminal Confirmation) or going directly to the original source of the information, for example a county courthouse, be aware only certain parts of the applicant’s pertinent information (name, date of birth or social security number) may be able to be used to confirm that applicant has a criminal record and it belongs to that person. Did you known that most court records are indexed by their surname not by their social security number? Additionally, sources of the information are passing more and more new laws to redact or remove more and more pertinent indicators to match these indexed records for criminal records such as the month or day of birth leaving just the year of birth to confirm the correct identity.

So, what is in a name? Depending on the name, our job may be rather straight-forward, or it can be quite challenging. If you have a common surname like Johnson and a 3rd party database indexed your applicant with a criminal record with using only their first name, last name and year of birth how can anyone be sure there are not duplicates or multiples of Michael Johnson’s born in the United States and that the record even belongs to your applicant? Or what if a state will only supply records of subjects based on the same criteria of first name, last name and date of birth? How do you know? And don’t get us started on sex offender records that often have pretty photos but no social security numbers to verify.

Ultimately, the more common the name, the more likely your applicant will need a second set of eyes to verify the record. That’s just another reason Criminal Confirmation is so valuable. Providing peace of mind and security that you don’t exclude a great applicant for the wrong reasons and that applicant cannot get upset enough to take legal action against you or your organization.

This is all serious stuff but as a fun or rather lighter exercise input your name to see how many people have your last name or your first name or both. How many of you exist? You can even enter that information in any of the databases above to check to see if you are currently incarcerated or in jail or if there currently might be a sex offender that shares your name and date of birth. Enjoy.

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