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Our technology is built specifically for the background screening industry. We understand the challenges of communicating with today’s applicants. Your applicants are made up of Generation X, Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation Z’ers and each generation engages technology at different levels. The speed, smart technology and ease of use of Background Checkology gives you the solutions needed to quickly and efficiently engage today’s applicants.


The fastest, easiest and most effective way to initiate a background check. Simply log in to your Background Checkology account, enter the applicant’s name and mobile number and hit send! The applicant will instantly receive a text, click on the link, enter their pertinent information and sign all required documents. Yup, it’s that easy.


You have total control. Input all appilcant information yourself to run a check instantly. Send an invite by text, email or both to have applicant enter all personal information. Have background checks process immediately or have them go to a pending status for your review. Enable Applicant Pay for volunteers and contractors. Upload all your signed legal forms manually or have the applicant sign electronically.


Create custom links with multiple options in seconds. Embed your links wherever you like … in your applicant tracking software, on your website, in your emails. Your applicants initiate and complete a background check by simply clicking a link. Process unlimited applicants at the same time. The options are limitless! THIS IS A GAME CHANGER.

Empower Applicants


APPLICANT ACCESS can directly engage the applicant during the background check order process. APPLICANT ACCESS allows the applicant to input all Personal Information and electronically sign consent/release forms to reduce your workload and inputting errors. Applicants can log back into APPLICANT ACCESS anytime using the last four of their social to check on their backgrond check status, review, download or print their completed background check and interface with us directly to correct errors or resolve any other issues. Best of all APPLICANT ACCESS can be accessed by cell phone, tablet or computer. Create your accont today and see how APPLICANT ACCESS can streamline the entire screening process from start to finish for you.


Reduce Your Cost

Utilize our optional Applicant Pay feature for volunteers and contractors to potentially reduce your background screening costs to zero. When given a choice, over 50% of the volunteers choose to donate their background check.


Tomorrow’s Technology Today

State-of-the-Art Solutions Infrastructure

FCRA Compliance

All products checked and reported per FCRA guidelines to ensure 100% compliance. Any records found are verified at the county level to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Custom Settings

Our account specialists will work with you to customize your account. Need all PI information masked – DONE. Need multiple users – DONE. Need [your request here] – DONE.

Award Researchers

Dedicated research staff backed up by a Nationwide network of on-site court runners & licensed PIs all supported with our Artificial Intelligence Data Automation & Data Extraction Technology.

Electronic Signatures

Utilize our electronic consent platform to have your applicants sign ALL your legal documents electronically at ONE time.

Comprehensive Databases

Powerful, multi-jurisdictional proprietary databases compiled from multiple sources updated daily to ensure the best possible results.

Record Retention

All reports. All signed release forms. All records. Encrypted and backed up securely for complete paperless retention and remote access anytime.

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