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National Criminal Database

Can the applicant complete a background check on any mobile device?

Applicants can complete the data entry and authorization process on any mobile device capable of browsing. This process eliminates time spent collecting information, potential processing errors, cost of human capital and storage of information while incredibly speeding up the hiring process which results in faster applicant completion rates.

What does your National Alias Criminal & Sex Offender Search include?

We have one of the largest and most robust Databases available in the United States with current access to nearly 1000 databases with nearly a bilion records.

Why should I select Your National Alias Database Search?

Our National Alias database search includes an Alias search which not only searches the legal name of the applicant provided but it helps find other known names AKA alias names.

Some consumer reporting agencies do not include alias searches in their database products or pricing or have it as an add-on feature for an additional cost. Failure to include an alias search can lead to making a hiring decision based on incomplete, omitted or potentially inaccurate reports. 

How fast do I get the results?

99% of our National Alias & Sex Offender checks with no hits are reported in less than one minute.

How do you ensure the results are accurate?

All of our National Alias & Sex Offender Checks with HITS go through our industry leading and proprietary CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION process providing you one of the most accurate and verified applicant reports available. ALL criminal records reported are validated and authenticated for accuracy at the time the applicant’s report is delivered to you. 

County & Federal Searches

Why should I include a county check?

Not all database records are included and up to date at the time the report is created. By checking the county the applicant currently resides you will know that there are no recent criminal records that could be omitted from a National search. For a more thorough county search set your parameters to include all counties the applicant has resided in the last 7 years.

How do your County Checks compare to other background check companies?

We are directly integrated with more than half of the 3400 counties in the U.S. This allows our proprietary CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION process to turn around confirmed or verified criminal records in hours not days if the record resides in a direct connect county.

Why should I include a National Federal Check?

Federal criminal offenses usually fall into the following categories:

  • Crimes committed on federal land.
  • Crimes against federal employees.
  • Bank robberies.
  • Identity theft.
  • Mail or wire fraud.
  • Crimes across state lines.
  • Drug trafficking
  • Child Pornography.
  • Other crimes that fall outside state and local jurisdictions

Federal case files are maintained electronically and are available through the internet-based Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. National databases do not include PACER records so access to Federal crimes is accomplished through our Nationwide Federal Search which searches all 94 Federal Districts Courts in the U.S. via PACER. This search is typcially recommended for applicants that are in management or above as Federal Crimes typically make up 3% of all crimes in the U.S. Searches that yield no crimes are returned immediately and other searches typically take 2 to 4 days to complete.

Motor Vehicle Record Searches

How far back do your driving records go?

Typically, driving history goes back 3 years although some states may go back as far as 7 years. The state of orgin of the drivers license is in control of the length.

What are additional court fees or DMV fees?

Approximately 10% of all counties in the US charge an additional fees to access criminal records in their county. The Department of Motor Vehicles of each state charges an access fee for driving reports. These are typically called pass through fees because we only charge you what was charged to us with any additonal fees. Visit our Pass Thru Fees page for the most up to date fees.


How do I know if the applicant has a record?

Once a record is verified by our CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION process you will get notified immediately by email. Additionally, a single glance at your dashboard will alert you a record has been found by the waving red flag notification next to an applicant’s name.

Can volunteers pay for their own background check?

Yes, utilize our Applicant Pay option for volunteers or contractors. Many of our clients have found applicants volunteer to pay over 50% of the time when given the choice to donate their background check costs to their volunteer organization. If you are a volunteer organization, requiring Applicant Pay can eliminate 100% of your potential background check costs.

How do applicants dispute a record?

Our Applicant Access portal allows the applicant to be notified when their report is pending, when it has completed and they can then view and download a copy of their report. Additionally, they can communicate with us directly through the Applicant Access portal if they find an issue or have a concern with anything reported.  Our clients have found this results in a much more informed and happier candidate. Finally, an applicant can also contact us by visiting our Dispute Resolution page.

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